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Dress Your Pharmacy Up for Halloween: Get More Sales and Win our Pharmacy Dress-up Contest

Holidays are a great opportunity for retailers to increase footfall and increase profits. We all know about the increased consumer spend during Christmas but other holidays are a chance to get out ahead of your competition and get fun, happy shoppers in your store spending! With just a little effort, you can create a fun […]

Flu Season Information and Flu Vaccination Poster

What is Influenza? Influenza (Flu) is the name for a type of viral infection caused by any of various strains of influenza virus. The infection causes tiredness, soreness, headache and congestion. In serious cases it can cause death. As of March 2016, there were 38 flu-related deaths in Ireland last winter. Why is Vaccination Important? […]

New Halloween Templates

PharmaPOS is excited to release our new suite of Halloween templates for 2016! Bring a bit of fun into your pharmacy and promote your offers with these themed holiday templates, from spooky shelf talkers to scary signs! Numerous consumer studies show that happy shoppers having fun will reliably spend more. Dressing your pharmacy up for Halloween […]

Let Your Shelves Do The Talking For You!

Influencing Shopper Behaviour will Make a Difference to your Profits…. Do your customers know what your special offers are?  You might not always get a chance to speak to your customers but PharmaPOS can be your very own 24/7 silent sales assistant. Request your free trial today at and check out our online shop  for all […]

Pharmacists Issue Safety Guidelines to Stay Safe in the Sun

Carmel Collins, Pharmacist and Vice-President of the IPU, said, “It’s important that people take some precautionary steps to enjoy this glorious weather. Drinking lots of fluids is especially important especially for older people and babies who may be less aware that they are becoming dehydrated. We would also like to remind people to wear sunscreen […]

Scary Health Bills Facing Irish Women

Irish women are facing bills running into the hundreds of thousands for life-saving medical treatment. Even stints in hospital for the less serious health problems, typically encountered by women, could easily cost tens of thousands in this country. Furthermore, while private health insurance can be a big help if you want to be treated privately […]

What’s New?

We listen to our customers and their feedback is important to us.  Now, due to popular demand, we’ve added new printables that can be adapted to suit branding colour. See the Double Spiral templates today.  For more information contact us on 01 6535008.

Minor Ailment Scheme – Pilot Launch

The Minister for Health has recently launched a new Pharmacy-based Minor Ailment Scheme Pilot.  The Pilot commenced on 1 July and will run in pharmacies in Kells, Roscommon, Macroom and Edenderry. For more details see:

The Clanwilliam Pharmacist Awards

Each year the Clanwilliam Pharmacist Awards recognise our younger pharmacists whose activities, in the course of their professional duties and development is judged to be the most commendable. If you know a pharmacist, who is under 30 and who you feel deserves recognition, you can nominate them for the Young Pharmacist of the Year Award, […]

International Group B Strep Awareness Month

Approximately 1 in 4 pregnant women carry GBS, the leading cause of sepsis and meningitis in newborns according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.) GBS can also infect babies during pregnancy and the first few months of life. Not all babies exposed to GBS become infected, but, for those who do, […]

Vitamin D and Expectant Mothers

Research carried out by scientists at University College Cork has indicated  that expectant mothers, with high levels of vitamin D, are less likely to have serious pregnancy complications.  According to the study high vitamin D status is associated with lower risk of complications such as pre-eclampsia and small-for-gestational age (SGA) birth. Read on for more information […]

Shelf Talker Holders

Do you need shelf edge holders to show off your special offers?  Visit our online shop today. You can order all your promotional display needs at the click of a button.  From holders to counter toppers, window displays to banners - we’ve got you covered.

UK leaves the EU

The UK has voted to leave the European Union, shocking the world and revealing a divided country.  David Cameron has resigned as Prime Minister. Follow this link for a full breakdown.

Let the Sun Shine with PharmaPOS

Whatever the weather outside, let the sun shine in your pharmacy with our latest range of Summer templates  Our customers use PharmaPOS because it is proven to increase their front of shop sales, through effective product promotion. Not a Member? If you haven’t already signed up to PharmaPOS you can avail of our […]

Come on you boys in green

With Euro 2016 well under way and the Irish team giving it their best, PharmaPOS have added a new theme to our ever-growing range of templates.  We now have Euro 2016 posters and shelf-talkers to bring you right through to the final on 10th July.  Let’s hope our boys will be there! What is PharmaPOS? Simply put, PharmaPOS is […]

Try PharmaPOS For Yourself

What is PharmaPOS? Simply put, PharmaPOS is your silent 24/7 salesperson.  Used by hundreds of Irish pharmacies, PharmaPOS is helping owners increase front of shop sales through effective product promotion.  All you need is a web connection, a colour printer and the drive to promote value to your customers!  PharmaPOS is proven to increase sales […]

Another Satisfied Customer

“I have PharmaPOS in the shop and am delighted with the results so far.  Clearly there is a correlation to increased sales and the introduction of the system.  It is the best marketing and advertising tool I purchased and has saved money on design and printing costs”…Jimmy Flynn, Flynn’s Pharmacy, Claremorris.