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Are you Promoting for Valentine’s Day?

Holidays are a great time for retail spending – retailers and consumers are aware of this on some level, so don’t forget to make the most of Valentine’s Day upcoming to remind your customers to make that extra purchase! Pharmacies in particular should be using Valentine’s Day to promote fragrances and pampering products both for […]

Pharmacies Instructed not to Use Food Intolerance Tests

The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland is as of this week instructing pharmacies to no longer perform food intolerance testing. This follows an advisory published by the Health Products Regulatory Authority that food intolerance testing can only be useful with expert guidance from a doctor or dietitian. The HPRA warns that any single food intolerance test […]

Customised round stickers sell MORE products!

All our PharmaPOS users love their ability to create attractive shelf talkers and posters. We also provide tools to create great banners and even promote offers on Facebook. But some of our users aren’t making the most of their ability to create stickers to help bring attention to their special product offers. Using stickers is […]

Huge Updates to PharmaPOS Image Manager

PharmaPOS users will have noticed earlier this year we updated the functionality of the unique PharmaPOS Image Manager, organising product images by much more specific categories to make it even easier to find what you are looking for. We also have added a built-in request form so you can easily ask us to source and […]

Make the Most of this Halloween for your In-store Marketing

In-store marketing experts tell us that holidays are a very important time for marketing and holiday themes really work. Why do holiday themes work? Holidays are times when people are out and about and there is a fun mood in the air. When visitors to your pharmacy feel it’s a special time they are more […]

Amazing Offer on OKI Laser Printer

Are you having any problems with your existing printer? At this price, maybe it’s time to replace it with a new high-quality laser printer with a 3-year warranty. Are you using an inkjet printer? You’ll find a new laser printer to be a huge improvement! Laser printers give you: Better quality prints Longer-lasting prints (inkjet […]

Free Mother’s Day Poster

We’re happy to share a free printable Mother’s Day poster – remind your customers that the holiday is coming and it’s time to buy some luxury items for the special ladies in their lives, either their mothers or the mothers of their children! Some pharmacies carry jewellery and fragrances, these are great items for Mother’s […]

25mm Stickers Are Back!

Due to popular request, we’ve brought back 25mm round stickers. We are now getting our pre-cut 25mm round sticker stock from the same supplier as our great 40mm stickers. For the same great price as the 40mm stickers, the 25mm sticker sheets have 70 stickers per sheet which adds up to an amazing 6300 stickers […]

Tool to create your own customised Facebook cover photo and posts

More and more pharmacies are using social media platforms to reach their customers with their news and special offers. PharmaPOS is now adding Facebook to your promotional toolbox with new templates for your Facebook cover photo or Facebook posts! Promote with simple message or with product images and offers Image generated in the correct size […]

Happy New Year 2017 : New Products and Templates

We hope you’ll join us in looking forward to a happy, productive and hopefully prosperous new year in 2017! We’d also like to take this opportunity to express how glad we are to have such great customers and partners to work with in the years past and years to come. We’re looking forward this year […]

New! Facebook Cover Photos

For 2017 we are looking forward to introducing a range of templates to create your own Facebook cover photo image as well as to create customised promotional images to post to your Facebook timeline. We have just released some simple customisable holiday-themed Facebook Cover templates you can use to create an update to your cover […]

New Shelf-Edge Price Tag Templates

We have just introduced new templates for shelf-edge price tags on PharmaPOS. These are 90mm x 39mm tags that are suitable to slot into a 39mm data strip holder (See the PharmaPOS Shop for 39mm Data Strip Holders). Fill in details or upload a spreadsheet with product info to quickly and easily produce all the […]

New Wobbler Templates

Yes! We have new wobbler templates. Our wobbler template designs are 10cm square sizes that you print and cut out from heavy paper (heavy a4 paper is available from the PharmaPOS Shop). We will be expanding our offering of wobbler templates for the rest of 2016 and into the next year. If you are interested […]

IMAGE Businesswoman Of The Year Awards 2016: The Winners!

Congratulations Oonagh O’Hagan of Meaghers Pharmacy: Image Businesswoman of the Year Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 We would like to give hearty congratulations to Oonagh O’Hagan of the Meaghers Pharmacy Group for winning the Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Image Businesswoman of the Year Awards. Oonagh is well-deserving with her group of 8 […]

New Oki Printers and Toner on the PharmaPOS Shop

We have lots of good news about printers and toners today! We are excited to announce that we have two new high-quality laser printers available: the Oki C332dn and the C532dn. We also have toners available for the new printers. And as if that wasn’t enough good news, we have also lowered our prices on […]

Congratulations to Lynch Pharmacy for Winning our Halloween Contest!

We are delighted to announce the winner of our “Dress Up Your Pharmacy for Halloween” contest. Lynch Pharmacy in Castleisland, Co. Kerry did a terrific job giving their pharmacy a great halloween makeover with streamers, balloons, and lots of other decorations including skeletons and spiders! Aileen Lynch gives all credit to Bríd Devane (the zombie […]

2 New Products on the PharmaPOS Shop: Wobblers and Counter Topper with Card Holder

We are delighted to offer 2 new products on the PharmaPOS Shop. Wobblers are great for drawing your customers attention to particular offers, products, or areas in your shop. Break the monotony of flat horizontal shelf displays with wobblers, that jump out and demand attention. Our new Counter Topper with Card Holder is a great […]

New Christmas Templates for PharmaPOS Members

We are excited to announce a newly designed suite of Christmas templates to help you with the best in-store marketing opportunity of the year! The Importance of In-Store Marketing at Christmas Christmas is a critical time to make sure you make the most of in-store marketing opportunities. In many retail sectors, spending in the holiday […]

We’re Offering a €50 Reward for Information

We really want to hear from PharmaPOS customers as well as those few Irish pharmacies that aren’t our customers yet! We want to know what you think of the PharmaPOS service if you’re using it or you have used it, what new templates you’d like to see, any other POS-related products that you’d be interested […]


  All About Vitamins and Minerals What are vitamins? The word vitamin derives from the Greek vita meaning life + “amine” (because they were originally thought to contain amino acids). Vitamins are essential chemical compounds for many of the functions of the human body. Because they are so important to our physical health, they are […]