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2 New Products on the PharmaPOS Shop: Wobblers and Counter Topper with Card Holder

We are delighted to offer 2 new products on the PharmaPOS Shop. Wobblers are great for drawing your customers attention to particular offers, products, or areas in your shop. Break the monotony of flat horizontal shelf displays with wobblers, that jump out and demand attention. Our new Counter Topper with Card Holder is a great way to offer loyalty cards to your customers. We recommend loyalty cards for Christmas. Loyalty cards strengthen your relationship with your customer and help keep your pharmacy in mind as a shopping destination.

8″ Wobblers

Make your point of sale message jump off the shelf (or anywhere else in your shop!).

Wobblers offer great versatility as opposed to traditional shelf talkers. They are 8″ plastic strips with adhesive on both ends, enabling you to have your offer really stand out from a shelf edge, from standing displays, inside windows or wherever else you want to attract your customer’s attention.

Counter Topper with Card Holder

Our Counter Topper with Card Holder is ideal for distributing loyalty cards to your customers. This A4 standing frame can also be used for business cards. The counter topper is made of hard-wearing perspex and is built to last. Loyalty cards are especially useful during the holiday season, when customers are ready to spend a high percentage of their annual retail spend.
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